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Dr. Peabody DVM: Urogenital Tract Videos

Time limit: 365 days
3.5 credits

$144 Enroll

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Watch a short video preview here → Mammary 


This package contains twelve urogenital videos that may be streamed at any time for 365 days (from date of purchase).

  • Kidney Overview
  • Uriniferous Tubule
  • Urinary Tubular Organs
  • Testis
  • Male Repro Ducts & Glands
  • Male Urethra
  • Ovary
  • Female Repro Tubes
  • Estrous Cycle
  • Changes in Estrous Cycle
  • Placentation
  • Mammary

The Kidney Overview video covers the general gross and microscopic structure of the kidney including circulation and function. More details on the microscopic structure and function of the uriniferous tubule will be covered separately.


The Uriniferous Tubule video examines the histological structure and function of each segment of the uriniferous tubule (nephron and collecting tube), filtration barrier of the renal corpuscle, the juxtaglomerular complex, and effects of diuretics.


The Urinary Tubular Organs video examines the histology and function of the renal pelvis, ureter, urinary bladder, female urethra, and highlights their distinctive features.


The Testis video introduces the male reproductive system by examining the structure and function of the cells within the testis (Sertoli, Leydig, spermatogenic cells) and spermatogenesis. 


The Male Reproductive Ducts & Glands video examines the structure and function of the spermatic cord, spermatozoa as it leaves the convoluted seminiferous tubule, rete testis, efferent ducts, epididymal duct, and ductus deferens. The video also discusses accessory genital glands including the vesicular, seminal vesicle, prostate, and bulbourethral gland. 


The Male Urethra video examines the structure and function of the pelvic and penile urethra and describes the difference between the musculocavernous and fibroelastic penis.


The Ovary video introduces the female reproductive tract by examining the structure of the ovary, follicular development, ovulation, post-ovular development, and follicular atresia. Includes discussion on the secretion of testosterone, estrogen, inhibin, prostaglandin, and relaxin by the various ovarian/follicular structures.

Note: The video uses feline, canine, bovine, equine, and porcine ovaries.


The Female Reproductive Tubes video examines the structures and functions of the tubular organs of domestic animals including the oviduct/uterine tube, uterus, cervix, vagina, and vestibule. Includes discussion on the transport of the ovum through the oviduct.


The Estrous Cycle video discusses the estrous cycle in domestic animals by examining cycling patterns and changes in the ovary, uterus, vagina, and vulva. Includes examination of canine vaginal smears.


The Placentation video discusses the function of placenta, examines placentation (attachment of the fetal membranes and endometrium), and considers placental classification while examining examples amongst domestic species. All specimens used in the video were acquired as incidental findings post-mortem.


The Mammary video discusses the general structure and development of the mammary gland, morphology and function of the alveoli, microscopically examines the ducts and structures of the tea, and summarizes the milk letdown process.