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Dr. Peabody DVM: The Cell Videos

Time limit: 365 days
0.5 credits

$24 Enroll

Full course description


Watch a short video preview here → Surface Structures


This package contains two cell videos that may be streamed at any time for 365 days (from date of purchase).

  • Cell Surface Structures
  • Cell Organelles

The Cell Surface Structures video is an introduction to cytology, histology, and the importance of H&E staining in organelle identification. Light microscopic images, EM images, or illustrations are used to observe and discuss plasma membrane, endocytosis, exocytosis, basal lamina, glycocalyx, microvilli, cilia, stereocilia, and junctional complexes.


The Cell Organelles video discusses organelles, cytoskeleton, nucleus, cell growth/death, and observes these concepts through images and illustrations. Emphasis is placed on H&E staining for identifying organelles microscopically.