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Dr. Peabody DVM: Special Sense Organs is a Course

Dr. Peabody DVM: Special Sense Organs

Time limit: 365 days
0.5 credits

$24 Enroll

Full course description

Watch a short video preview hereEye

This package contains two videos that may be streamed at any time for 365 days (from date of purchase).

  • Eye
  • Ear

The Eye video examines the adnexa of the eye, including the eyelid, third eyelid, and the lacrimal gland. The video also discusses the structures that make up the three tunics of the eye and considers their functions in great detail, including the tapetum lucidum.


The Ear video briefly examines the structure and function of the external, middle, and internal ear. The video primarily focuses on the microscopic structure of the internal ear, including the cochlea and the saccule, utricle, and semicircular canals of the vestibule.