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Dr. Peabody DVM: Digestive Glands Videos

Time limit: 365 days
0.5 credits

$36 Enroll

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Watch a short video preview here → Digestive Glands


This package contains three digestive glands videos that may be streamed at any time for 365 days (from date of purchase).

  • Digestive Glands
  • Liver
  • Gallbladder

The Digestive Glands video examines the histological structure and function of the salivary glands; including identifying the parotid, mandibular, sublingual, and zygomatic glands; and pancreas in a canine. The video also examines the microscopic structure of the exocrine and endocrine pancreas. 


The Liver video examines the morphology of the liver, blood flow, lymph, and bile; the relationship of blood flow to pathology; and cellular morphology and function.


The Gallbladder video covers the gross structure of the gallbladder and its ducts, bile secretion and recycling (enterohepatic circulation), and the microscopic structure and function of the gallbladder.